ZM-150 52 kW 170k Btu Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Heater

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The ZM-150 waste oil heater gives cost effective space heating for large premises. This ‘multi oil’ space heater, with variable control generates 30 – 52 kW of heat from waste engine oils, vegetable oils as well as diesel, red diesel, 35 sec heating oil and used gear or hydraulic oils.

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Now in it second season, the ZM-150 was successfully introduced in October 2014 and delivers up to 52 kW / 170,000 Btu of heat with fully variable heat output. The heater combines a high capacity 5,400m3 per hour blower fan and built-in heat-exchanger to deliver exceptional heat output into your workshop.

ZM-150 features our five light LED control panel, which quickly shows the operating mode or fault lights for the heater. ZM-150 generates heat from a wide range of oil based fuels including 35 sec heating oil, red diesel / diesel as well as used engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and engine oils.

ZM-150 requires only a 150mm flue kit and 220-240V mains power supply. It includes an integral 75 litre storage tank. It is a vaporising manual ignition heater which means it is drip fed so it does not require compressed air.

These heaters are design to be tough, reliable and simple to operate and maintain. ZM-150 boasts a number of features to improved ease of use. These include a sealed combustion chamber and separate air intake / combustion fan. This means the heater reaches maximum temperatures more quickly, and burns efficiently.

Product Sheet (PDF) for the ZM-150 :  ZM-150

Operating Manual (PDF)

The heater is supplied with the draft stabiliser ready for connection to 150mm flue kit. This heater is made in the EU and fully CE approved with full UK support. Safety features including overheat, overflow and burner tray spill protection offer complete peace of mind.

Key Features :

♦ Includes air blower – 5,400m3 per hour air circulation

♦ Manual ignition

♦ 30 – 52 kW variable output

♦ Burns waste oil and fuel oils (diesel and 35 sec heating oil)

♦ 230 – 240V mains supply

♦ Includes built in 75 ltr fuel storage tank

♦ Sealed combustion chamber and air intake / combustion fan

High capacity heat exchanger for improved efficiency


Availability: Out of stock
Model: ZM-150
Description: ZM-150 52 kW 170k Btu Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Heater
Product Family: Vaporising Heater
Compressed Air: No
Fuels: Heating oil or used oils
Flue Diameter: 150 mm
Dimensions: 89W x 56D x147H cm
Max. Heat Output: 52 kW (178 kBtu)
Power Supply: 230-240 V
Heated Airflow: 5400 m3 per hr
Power Usage: 400 W
Max fuel consumption: 5.2 ltr / Hr
Max. Efficiency: 70%
Weight: 110 kg
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