Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Burners 60 – 240 kW Citerm G series

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Citerm waste oil burners are ideal for used oils, waste oil and heavy oil. They are European made and use genuine top quality components from Siemens, Delavan, Suntec, Danfoss and others. Citerm waste oil burners are designed and engineered to CE standards.


Citerm’s G series of waste oil burners will burn a wide range of used oils including engine oils, vegetable oils and mechanical oils. Z. M. Heaters supply Citerm burners with 12 months parts warranty and are exclusive UK importers and distributors.

Citerm burners we have supplied have proven to be tough and reliable. They work on the same principle as many other waste oil burners. Combustion is achieved through control of primary air flow, secondary air flow and oil preheat temperature. All of these can be adjusted easily to suit the application and fuel being used.

Used oil is typically preheated to reduce viscosity then drawn through the delavan nozzles with compressed air and atomised into a fine spray where it is ignited by sparks from the electrodes on start up. A constsant flame is maintained by the ‘swirl’ of the oil spray in front of the burner.

The range includes 4 models – G2p, G2p+, G3p and G3p. The number denotes the number of nozzles and the “+” simply shows that higher flow 30609-49 nozzles are fitted instead of DA-2 nozzles. It is also possible to downrate these burners with DA-1.5 or 30609-11 nozzles. This can be done to improve combustion at lower outputs or to improve running on low viscosity fuels like red diesel.

All Citerm burners are supplied complete with a high capacity washable filter and supply hoses to give you everything you need straight out of ther box

Product Sheet (PDF) for Citerm waste oil burners : Burners

Key Features :

♦  Automatic waste oil burners

♦  Oveflow cut off protection on all models

♦  Safety features including overheat, flame out and over pressure comply with CE standards

♦  Max ouputs range from 60 kW to 240 kW

♦  Suitable for 35 sec diesel too

♦  Fuel selection by simple adjustment of primary air, secondary air & oil temperature

♦  Integral oil pre-heat tank

♦  Primary air atomisation, compressed air required

♦  Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements

♦  Quiet operation, designed for easy maintenance

♦  Reliable and trouble-free



Availability: In stock
Model: G
Description: Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Burners 60 – 240 kW Citerm G series
Compressed Air: Yes
Fuels: Used oil or heating oils
Dimensions: On application
Max. Heat Output: 110 kW to 240 kW
Power Supply: 230-240 V
Weight: 16 - 19 Kg
Power: 200 - 1200W
Air used: 7 - 19 cfm
kW rating

G2p 60-110kW, G2p+ 65-150kW, G3p 130-200kW, G3p+ 140-260kW

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