Heavy-duty ‘Waste Oil’ suitable 20 – 75 kW two pass boilers

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EU made waste oil boilers designed for the unique demands of providing water heating systems run on waste engine oils, hydraulic oil, vegetable oils, bio-diesel and a range of other fuels. Convert all these free or low cost fuels into clean, usable heat !


The Termomont DTTK series of waste oil boilers are designed for perfect compatibility with Citerm waste oil burners. Each manufacturer recommends and supplies the other’s product to provide a complete and proven solution. These waste oil boilers are made in the EU and exported worldwide. They combine exceptional prices with excellent quality for unbeatable value.

The range runs from 20 – 125 kW (POA for higher capacities) making them ideal for medium and large domestic or commercial warm water applications. Heat can be obtained from the fuel range of fuels that can be handled by the Citerm waste oil burners.

If you want, the waste oil boiler can be supplied on it’s own, or with a waste oil burner already mounted wired and ready to go. You will need to order a Citerm JUNIOR waste oil burner waste oil boilers rated up to 75 kW, for 100 kW we recommend Citerm G2p and for 125 kW G2p+.

DTTK waste oil boilers are manufactured in Europe to CE standards by Termomont. They include 3 years parts warranty. Termomont specialise in manufacture of burners, boilers and heaters to run on a range of ‘off grid’ fuels including wood, coal, straw, wood pellet and waste oils. The boilers are designed to manage the challenges of these fuels over extended periods of time. They allow easy access for cleaning and ash removal.

Product Sheet (PDF) for DTTK Waste Oil Boilers : Waste Oil Boilers

Key Features :

♦  Suitable for gas or light oil, waste oil, semi-heavy oil and bio fuels

♦  Two-pass triple-draft furnace with flame tubes and turbulators for high efficiency (89%), efficient combustion, low emissions and lower flue gas temperature

♦  Fully insulated design prevents heat loss whilst oval construction allows higher working pressures (up to 5 bar) and higher working temperatures (up to 110 degrees C)

♦  Digital control panel with simple and clear information and controls

♦  Easy access through front door to all parts of the boiler chamber for quick, easy cleaning and ash removal

For more details, including weights, dimensions etc please refer to the waste oil boiler product sheet.


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Description: Heavy-duty ‘Waste Oil’ suitable 20 – 75 kW two pass boilers
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DTTK 20 kW, DTTK 30 kW, DTTK 40 kW, DTTK 50 kW, DTTK 65 kW, DTTK 75 kW, DTTK 100 kW, DTTK 125 kW

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