Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Burner 25 – 85 kW Citerm JUNIOR

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Citerm’s new JUNIOR waste oil burner has been introduced to offer Citerm quality in a compact design that fits a wide range of boilers and air heaters. You can now get 25 – 85 kW of heat from a wide range of used oils, waste oil and heavy oil. Citerm waste oil burners are European made and use genuine top quality components from Siemens, Delavan, Suntec, Danfoss and others. Citerm waste oil burners are engineered to CE standards.

The boiler is supplied complete with hoses, filter and remote pump. The swing-away design makes heating chamber access, for cleaning or ash removal, quick and easy.


Citerm’s JUNIOR waste oil burner was introduced in September 2013. Like the larger G Series burners it will burn a wide range of used oils including engine oils, vegetable oils and mechanical oils.

The JUNIOR waste oil burner is a single nozzle burner and replaces the G1 series burner. You can choose the Delavan waste oil burning nozzle to generate the output range you require. The burner uses the same quality components and operating principles as the G waste oil burners. Waste oil is preheated and sprayed through an atomising nozzle with compressed air, adjusting air pressure, air intake and preheat give complete control.

JUNIOR has a number of advantages over the G1 burner it replaces. The heavy cast body of G1 is replaced with a light, compact space saving design. The firing tube is shorter too and there is a slotted universal machined flange. The result is an incredibly versatile burner that fits almost any boiler or heater for a complete range of waste oil fired boiler warm water and warm air applications.

The remote pump can be located much further away from the burner as it will ‘push’ oil long distances. The design of JUNIOR means the pump motor operates only when the burner float calls for oil making it quieter and more energy efficient. JUNIOR also includes a floating pick up which makes it easier to draw good quality oil instead of moisture laden oil or sludge will tend to settle and stratify at the base of the supply tank. The Citerm JUNIOR burner is supplied complete with a high capacity washable filter and supply hoses to give you everything you need straight out of the box.

Unlike inferior imports which use lower quality components and do not meet CE specifications the Citerm JUNIOR includes overflow protection. This essential feature means than in the rare event of the float micro switch failing, the resulting overflow is managed as it is caught in a spill tray. Any overflow deactivates the burner completely as there is a float switch located in the spill tray’s catch reservoir. Other safety features include high air pressure protection and flame out protection.

Finally, the JUNIOR waste oil burner includes a pivoting arm. Simply undo a single fixing and ‘swing away’ the burner. You can then access the heater or boiler for cleaning and ash removal whilst the burner remains securely connected to and fully supported on the appliance.

We can supply the Termomont range of boilers for a fully integrated manufacturer tested and approved waste oil warm water heating solution. This means you can now get a quality waste oil burner and boiler solution and avoid ‘experimental’ or unproven options.

Z. M. Heaters supply Citerm burners with 12 months parts warranty and are exclusive UK importers and distributors.

Key Features :

♦  Automatic waste oil burner with compact design

♦  Overflow cut off protection included

♦  Safety features including overheat, flame out and over pressure comply with CE standards

♦ Outputs from just 25 kW to 85 kW make JUNIOR ideal for water boilers / warm water heating

♦  Remote pump is ideal for flexible, near silent and energy efficient operation

♦  Simple adjustment of primary air, secondary air & oil temperature on integral pre-heat tank

♦  Floating pick up ensures best quality fuel is fired

♦  Slotted machined flange, short firing tube and compact design means JUNIOR fits almost every boiler or heater

♦  Single fixing allows the burner to be ‘swung away’ for uniquely easy cleaning and maintenance

♦  Includes 5m oil line and all installation accessories – complete EU made solution!



Availability: In stock
Description: Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Burner 25 – 85 kW Citerm JUNIOR
Compressed Air: Yes
Fuels: Used oil or heating oils
Dimensions: TBC
Max. Heat Output: 25 kW to 85 kW
Power Supply: 230-240 V
Weight: TBC
Power: 66 - 800W
Air used: Var
kW range

30609-011 25-35 kW, DA-2 35-65 kW, 30609-49 50-85 kW

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