ZM Automatic Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Heaters to 168 kW

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New for 2015-2016, these ZM cabinet heaters deliver effective space heating for larger areas. There is a choice of four models available, delivering up to 168 kW of clean heat. The heaters feature the proven Citerm range of burners, for a fully European-made heating solution. The heaters will run on a wide variety of fuels. Push-button automatic ignition can easily be upgrade to control with timers or room thermostats. Hotter burning temperatures (compared to manual ignition heaters) means cleaning is required far less often. Compressed air is required.


New for 2015-16, our ZM automatic waste oil heaters are ideal for cost effective heating of large spaces such as garages, workshops, warehouses and industrial premises. Warm air blower heaters remain the most cost effective way to heat large air volumes.

ZM automatic waste oil heaters, fitted with Citerm waste oil burners, will run on a full range of used oils, heavy oils and bio-fuels, as well as heating oil / diesel. High airflow volumes mean warm up times are very short. Even large areas can be heated up very quickly.

ZM automatic waste oil heaters are made in Europe. Only premium branded quality components are used in these automatic heaters for improved reliability and serviceability. These include Soler & Palau centrifugal double intake fans which are dynamically balanced for long life and quiet operation.

Electrical safety controls enable automatic or manual fan control and emergency stopping of the burner in the case of overheating (Honeywell FAN-LIMIT double thermostat). The burner itself also has overheat, oveflow and flame out protection making these heaters a safe and reliable choice.

ZM automatic warm air blower heaters have been designed to manage the challenges of waste oil heating. The AISI 308 heat resistant stainless steel combustion chamber is cylindrical to prevent heat built up at ‘hot spots’ which can shorten the working life of heaters. High efficiency heat exchangers are made with high grade AISI 430 18% chromium stainless steel plate. The exhaust manifold at front and rear as well as the flue are all also stainless steel. There are wide inspection doors for easy access and ash cleaning.

We recommend a flue draft stabiliser kit on all waste oil installations. These heaters do not include a tank. This heater is made in the EU to CE standards.

Key Features :

♦ Blower fan – 2,900 – 12,400 m3 per hour air circulation

♦ Automatic ignition for clean, easy starting

♦ Indirect heater, no fumes and over 90% efficiency

♦ Add thermostats or room timers as required

♦ Choose 42, 81, 123 or 168 kW nett output

♦ Supplied with Citerm burners

♦ Automatic warm air blower heaters designed to run on waste oil

♦ Quiet operation

♦  Use waste oil, fuel oils or bio diesel for clean, green heating !


Units  Z40 Z80  Z120


Rating kW 42 81 123 168
Power supply V 220-240 400 (3 phs)
Power usage kW .25  .37 1.1 1.5
Airflow m3/hr 2,900    4,500 7,900 12,400
Width mm  460 610 610 910
Depth mm  750 810 1010 1200
Height mm 1600 1950 1950 2350
Flue ø mm 115 154 154 204


Availability: In stock
Model: C Series
Description: ZM Automatic Multi-fuel ‘Waste Oil’ Heaters to 168 kW
Compressed Air: Yes
Fuels: Heating oils or used oils
Flue Diameter: 110 - 200mm
Max. Heat Output: 168 kW
Heated Airflow: Up to 12,400 m3
Fuel Consumption: Var
Max. Efficiency: 91%
Noise level: 76dB at 1m
Heater size

Z40 42 kW c/w JUNIOR burner, Z80 81 kW c/w JUNIOR+ burner, Z120 123 kW c/w G2p+ burner, Z170 168 kW c/w G3p burner

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