Heater booster – inline heat exchanger

The heater booster is an in-line multipass stainless steel flue gas heat exchanger which can raise efficiency on ZM-130 and ZM-150 heaters to up to 90%.

This means over 40% more heat is realised from your fuel that would otherwise be lost up the flue. A 220-240V supply is required for the fan. The booster simply slots in before the 150mm flue. The heat outlets can be ducted if required.

Airflow – 270m3 per hour

Flue diameter – 150mm

Heat outlets – twin 80mm outlets

Weight – 8.7 kg

Dimensions – H 61 cm x W 42 cm x D 37 cm


Availability: In stock
Model: HB1
Description: Heater booster – inline heat exchanger
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