Z.M. Heaters work with leading manufacturers to deliver a best in class waste oil heating product range. Our key supplier brands include :

Citerm are a European manufacturer of quality waste oil burners. Z. M. Heaters are the exclusive UK importer and distributor of the Citerm range of waste oil burners.




The Z.M. Heaters brand was introduced for the 2013-2014 heater season. The first product was the ZM-130 manual ignition waste oil heater which replaced the Hiton HP-125. For the 2014-2015 season diesel space heaters and the ZM-150 waste oil heater have been added. 

Z.M. Heaters brand gives us the control to ‘best buy’ products into our range individually and control key elements like manuals and fitting guides, ensuring they are properly adapted for the UK market.


Waste oil heaters

Z.M. Heaters successfully introduced and grew Hiton in the UK. Hiton are EU based and a leader in the design, development and manufacture of waste oil heaters.

The Hiton brand is exported to a growing number of countries and is enjoying a growing UK reputation as a viable alternative to it’s longer established competitors. The Hiton range was distributed in the automotive market through GSF during 2012-2013 and is now available from a wider range of companies.


Flue manufacturer

Midtherm flue systems are made in the UK. We can source and supply flue systems for all the heaters we offer at extremely competitive prices. Midtherm offers a complete range of flue system products in all diameters, material types and finishes. Stainless steel (SW) is included as standard but insulated double wall is also available. The engineering expertise and knowledge of Midtherm helps us ensure our customers get best value.


Oil burner manufacturer

Nu Way is a leading supplier and manufacturer of  oil, gas and dual fuel burners as well as spares. From HQ in Droitwich Spa (since 1948) Nu Way manufacture bespoke oil, gas and dual fuel burner products for customer’s specifications. Burners ranging from 15kW to 18 MW are produced for domestic, commercial, industrial and process applications then exported worldwide. We supply Nu Way oil and gas burners which fit our atomising heaters.


Giersch waste oil burnersGiersch waste oil burners are made in Germany, are fully CE Certified and represent the quality end of the market. Giersch burners are supplier worldwide and are proven with Hiton atomising heaters . The GUPO universal oil burners range from 50 kW to 200 kW making them ideal for the range of heaters we supply.


Oil distributionHill Pumps are a long established (1841) family operated UK (Sheffield) based manufacturer. Hill Pumps make a wide range of waste oil collection, storage and distribution equipment for a range of recognised UK brands. The company also actively exports. Hill Pumps support by providing product and expertise on all areas of oil storage and distribution including pumps, tanks and refill systems.

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