Waste Oil Heater & Waste Oil burner Applications

Garages and vehicle workshops

Universal waste oil heaters are ideal in automotive garage workshops where open roller shutters create a high heat requirement. Waste oil is often in plentiful supply saving owners and managers both the costs of disposal and the the expense of more expensive space heaters.

Warehouses and distribution centres

Logistics specialists and commercial operators can use waste oil arrising from the service and maintenance of their own fleets of vehicles to provide effective economical space heating.

Factories and industry

Industrial processes that generate waste oil that’s safe to burn can deploy universal waste oil heaters effectively to obtain low cost heat from waste hydraulic or gear oils.

Garden centres and nurseries

Thermostat controls can easily be included within heating systems using atomising universal waste oil burners to protect plants from frost or bring them for low cost heating of greehnouses, garden centres and nurseries.


Many farming and agricultural businesses benefit from both a ready supply of waste oil from plant machinery, equipment and vehicles combined with a high need for heating. Universal waste oil heaters are ideal for drying or heating storage and containment areas cost-effectively.

Waste Oil Burners 

Waste oil burners can be used for a wide variety of warm air blowing and warm water heating applications. Waste oil burners can often be retrofitted to existing warm air blowers or hot water boilers subject to common sense and sensible precautions.

Citerm’s new JUNIOR burner is a cost effective European solution for warm water heating applications.

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