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Z. M. Heaters is a fast growing UK importer and distributor of ‘waste oil’ heaters, ‘waste oil’ burners, ‘waste oil’ boilers and diesel space heaters. We have successfully supplied businesses and private customers all around the UK since starting business in 2011.

Important note: the term ‘waste oil heaters’ appears frequently on this site. This is because it’s the name and number one term of reference for these type of heaters over many years. Following UK legal changes that came into effect in April 2016, the heaters should perhaps be named ‘duel-fuel’ or ‘multi-oil’ heaters. They can burn a wide range of oil-based fuels including heavier viscosity oils than conventional heaters.

Waste oil industrial space heaters are an effective way for workshops, particularly those with a plentiful supply of used or waste oil, to reduce their heating bills.

The waste oil heaters we supply can be divided into two kinds. First, manual ignition, or vaporising waste oil heaters which are lower cost, simple to use and maintain and very hard-wearing. Second, come automatic, or atomising, waste oil heaters; these use a waste oil burner which can be controlled automatically. They are more expensive to buy but can be controlled automatically, run to higher outputs and because they burn at higher temperatures, less cleaning is required.

The waste oil burners we supply are European-made and run to over 200 kW. These can be supplied with waste oil warm air blowers (as an automatic heater package described above) or stand-alone to retrofit to existing appliances. Where warm water is required we can supply extremely heavy-duty new waste oil boilers. It’s important to note these are designed specifically for use with waste oil, are very rugged in construction and come with warranty. The manufacturer of these boilers supplies the Citerm range we offer too.

All these waste oil heaters, burners and boilers can convert a range of used engine, mechanical and vegetable oils into clean, green, free heat. All our universal waste oil heaters, waste oil burners and accessories are sourced directly from quality manufacturers around the world. As we import and sell directly we can offer exceptionally competitive prices to all our UK customers.

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Waste oil heaters and universal oil or ‘dual fuel’ heaters

Please note that whilst “waste oil heaters” is a market term, our heaters are actually¬†universal oil heaters. They burn a variety of oils that are of much higher viscosity than fuel oils. This includes used engine oils, hydraulic oils and vegetable oils. However, they also burn diesel, red diesel and 35 sec fuel oils extremely well. Please view details of our range in the products section. Or just contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

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